Sunday, 12 May 2013


Erm... Whoops!! I think I was a little naughty this weekend. After I've tried everything out I will be blogging all afternoon! I'm so bad! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Shopping on E.L.F website.

Okay, so my last blog for the night is to tell you all that I've done a little shopping on the E.L.F website ( 
I'm always trying out new products and colours, so I have gone for an all over colour stick in Pink Lemonade, A jumbo eyeshadow stick in Bali Bound which is a gorgeous green and a blush in Candid Coral, as mentioned earlier as my newest colour crush.

So once I have received my new play things, I will have a go with them myself and then get a blog up for y'all :)

Hope you have all enjoyed a gorgeous Bank Holiday weekend and I'll catch you soon! x

Edit: I couldn't help myself but go back on the website this afternoon and order Gotta Glow blush, which is meant to be a dupe of NARS Albatross and at £3 I can't moan, a Theraputic Lip Balm in Strawberry Cream and another Lip Stain in Petal Pink. 

Reviews will be up as soon as I receive my orders :) 

Pixi by Petra.

I'm a huge sucker for blushers and cheek tints. It's one make - up product I can spend and spend and spend on.
I  have a number cheek tints from Benefit to Soap & Glory and blushers also from Benefit, Soap & Glory, Revlon and E.L.F.

But I came across this little beauty on my newest favourite website: 
This wonderful website gives you the opportunity to have a little 'black box' delivered to you containing 5 free samples every month, aswell as offering you luxury samples to buy.
You can aswell order different boxes that have products already selected in there.

I ordered a box called Complexion Perfection, where you get 6 items (some full size, some trial size) and among all the great products in this box was a cheek tint called Pixi by Petra.

And I must say, I am delighted with it!

The box it comes in is really cute and the tube is easy to use to apply.
Because you have to fill in your complexion on the LIB website, they send you products that will match your skin tone and colour.

I was sent 'Peach' in this sheer cheek gel, which at first I was a bit apprehensive, as I only ever buy pink shades in blush, I'm all for the 'I've just come back from a run on a brisk morning' look.

But upon application I was extremely impressed. 
I applied a small amount of this gel to my fingers and blended into the apples of my cheeks, which gave me an instant soft flush and healthy glow to my face.
(If you have trouble blending into the apples of your cheeks, smile to reveal them and apply)

This gel not is not only good for you cheeks either, you can also apply to your lips for a flush on colour, layering it for a more intense look.

Going to give this product an another 10 out of 10, really made my face look healthy and bright and lasted me all day!

Tip: This sheer cheek gel will last even longer if you apply before brushing on powder blush for an even brighter, healthier look.

You can apply for a Latest In Beauty 'Complexion Perfection' box on their website The box also contains: Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation, Bellapierre Champagne Mineral Eyeshadow, Daniel Sandler Longlasting Waterproof Eyeliner, Benefit They're Real! Mascara, Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel and a Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyeshadow Brush. The cost of the box is £11.99 and postage depends on if you want Standard or Recorded delivery.

Fake - Up from Benefit.

Another product that the lovely sales girl at the Benefit counter convinced me to buy was their newest concealer - Fake Up.

I had read a lot about this product online and in magazines and was curious about it.

So, first thing you need to know about this concealer is that it is crease - control and hydrating.

As you can see from the photo, the concealer comes in a lipstick type packaging, which you twist up like other concealers.

On the outside of the concealer stick you have a hydrating ring, which contains Vitamin E & appleseed extract for immediate moisturization.

The inside of the stick holds the concealing core, which hides dark circles, smooths skin and diffuses light, for a smooth natural look.

Results too good to conceal!
  • 100% said fakeup hydrates skin*
  • 100% said fakeup feels comfortable on skin*
  • 100% said the texture feels silky*
  • 94% said the effect is long-lasting*
  • 94% said fakeup doesn’t run*
  • 97% said the formula is lightweight*
  • 91% said fakeup conceals dark circles*
  • 91% saw a natural appearance*
  • 97% said the packaging makes it easy to use*

*Results observed in a consumer panel survey.
I absolutely love this concealer! For me, getting up at 5:30am, 5 days a week and working in a factory from 7:30am till 5pm really takes its toll on me, including the way my eyes look. I always wake up with puffy eyes and throughout the day the dark circles rear their ugly heads, so this concealer is perfect for me.
Easy to use, you stroke the stick underneath each eye and gently pat in to blend. You can re-apply throughout the day if needs be, but it sure kept the underneath of my eyes smooth, hydrated and it didn't 'cake' or 'crease' whereas other concealers I have used in the past, do.
Now, as with all other Benefit products, this miracle concealer will set you back £18.50. But I have said it before and I will say it again, you pay for quality and the fact that it does do the job. Plus, I've been using this concealer for 2 weeks now and it looks barely touched, so I can tell that this product will last a long time.
So Benefit's Fake-Up earns another big 10 out of 10. Very pleased and impressed with this product and have had a lot of compliments on how bright and 'awake' my eyes look. 

Benefit They're Real! Mascara

So I decided to give Benefit's They're Real! Mascara a go after months of pondering whether I could justify spending £19.50 on a mascara.

I mean, the most I have ever spent on a mascara was Boots No7 and I got that on offer with a voucher, so it only cost me £8!

And oh my word, was I sorry that I hadn't forked out for this mascara sooner!

So, looking at the packaging, this mascara boasts that:

They're real! is the UK's No.1 best-selling mascara!*

They're real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!
- 94% saw dramatic length & volume**
- 90% saw base-to-tip curl**
- 94% saw visible lift* 100% saw long-wearing results**
- 100% saw long wearing results**

*Source: The NPD Group. Value and Unit Line sales of the Total Prestige Mascara Makeup segment for 2012 Jan to Dec
**Results observed in a consumer panel survey

I couldn't wait to get back home and try this mascara out, and the assistant at the benefit counter had convinced me enough that it was the greatest mascara on Earth, and boy, she wasn't wrong.

So, after tearing open the bag my mascara came in, I took it out of the box and "Ooooh"-d at the packaging. Sleek, shiny and classy.

The wand has hard bristles, as opposed to other mascara wands having soft bristles, and the tip of the wand is domed so you can actually get every lash as you apply.

The consistency of the mascara is very wet, but with this product, a little goes a long long way.

To apply, you hold the wand horizontally and wiggle the brush from side to side, from the base of your lashes right to the very tip. This will achieve maximum volume and lift.
Next, you use the domed tip of the wand to separate the lashes and use to curl the lashes at the corner of you eyes.

Now, you can wear one layer for a wide eyed, false lash effect, or you can go for a second, even third coating of this godsend for a more dramatic look.

Here is an example of They're Real! used on my own lashes. My lashes start off dark from the base, but as you reach the tip they are very light:

So there we have a before and after shot of the mascara, I was very impressed.
No fuss, no muss.

Be careful when applying from base to tip, from my experience getting too close to the base of my eyelashes caused me to poke myself in the eye with the bristles! Not a pleasurable experience, I tell you!

So, all in all I will give this product a huge 10 out of 10! Brilliant product, does exactly what it says on the box, and although more pricier than other mascaras, I think this blows the rest out of the water.

Tip: Use They're Real! on the top lashline and use Badgal Lash in Plum on lower lashes for a bright doe-eyed look.

MUA (Make Up Academy) haul.

So Saturday I decided to pop into Superdrug and check out the very well reviewed MUA collection. I was after some new eyeshadows and some bright nail varnishes, seen as this weather just makes me want to make a bold, bright statement.

I found this eyeshadow palette called 'Poptastic' which I immediately fell in love with.
This palette holds 12 of the most gorgeous, brightest colours I have ever seen! From purples to blues, greens and even a kind of neon red, so into my basket it went.

And at £4 I couldn't complain.
I also think that this spring/summer a flash of bright colour on your eyelids is a must!

Next I moved onto the nail polis section and there were a lot to choose from.
So many beautiful colours and to be honest I hovered around that section for a good 20 minutes, trying to decided which colours I wanted to suit the weather.

So, in the end I chose to purchase a lilac colour called 'Frozen Yoghurt' a beautiful pink called 'Bright Pink' and my newest favourite colour crush 'Bright Coral' and again, at £1 a polish I couldn't complain!

So all in all, a good bargain at £7 :)

I used the 'Frozen Yoghurt' nail polish on my fingernails yesterday and was very impressed with the consistency and coverage, I used 2 coats to achieve the colour I wanted and it's a beautiful lilac colour.

I also used the 'Bright Coral' on my toenails, which I am thrilled about! Again great coverage and I have achieved my 'summer toenails'

I'm yet to use the 'Bright Pink' but I'm sure that will make it's way onto my nails before the week is out!

The eyeshadow palette is excellent for coverage and pigmentation, I have only used the deep purple colour, but two applications gave a gorgeous colour on my eyelids and it lasted all day.

This purchase I will give a big fat 10 out of 10, for affordability, packaging, coverage, consistency and pigmentation.

One happy customer indeed :) thank you MUA!

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