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*SPECIAL GUEST BLOG POST* Helen, over to you...

Hello again guys.
So as promised a few weeks ago after my Coconut Oil blog I would be having a very good friend guest blog for me.
So without further ado, I would like to introduce you all to Helen Dolman:

Helen is 30, she hails from Lichfield but is currently at Guildford College as a Beauty Therapist/Trainer.
I asked her to write me up a feature for this blog on her top 5 beauty products which are all under a fiver.

Shall we see what she recommends? 

Its very easy to create and maintain salon treatments in your own home on a daily basis.
This not only benefits yourself and your well-being, but also benefits your purse when trying to save on visits to the salon.

Here is my pick of 5 products, under 5 pounds that will benefit you and your purse.

1. Superdrug Moisture Cuticle Oil £2.99

Want your nails to grow big and strong? Fed up of brittle nails? I have the answer and it comes at a little price of £2.99.
Clients always ask me why they have brittle nails, hang nails, and splits at the sides of the nail and this is what I tell them.

The skin that grows over the bottom of the nail is called the cuticle, it protects the nails from bacteria. Contrary to popular belief, not all cuticles should be cut down and if they are cut with unsterile instruments you could end in a nail infection. However, dry and overgrown cuticles can cause brittle nails and hang nails (those spiky bits of nail that catch at the side of your nail. Using a moisturising oil like this superdrug one will help feed your nail with the nutrients and moisture it needs to help the nail grow strong and healthy. After soaking your fingers in the bath or a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Dry your hands and apply the oil to the cuticle. Then take a wooden orange stick like these ones from super drug for 99p
and gently push back the cuticle. After, if the cuticle is big and baggy, then using a pair of sterile cuticle scissors can be used, but make sure to only cut the white excess cuticle and not your skin.
This process only needs to be done once a month. Then just apply cuticle oil every 3 days to the cuticle to maintain feeding your nail. It wont take long before you notice the growth and health in your nails.

2. Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel products -various Boots £3-£4.50 currently buy 2 get one free!

Witch hazel and tea tree are a great natural duo for oily and combination skin.

Witch hazel has 4 great benefits for acne prone skin.

1) Disinfectant – It can help reduce the amount of bacteria on the skin.
2) Astringent - A soft cleansing way of shrinking pores without being to harsh on the skin.
3) Anti irritant – Which hazel has a numbing affect that helps reduce redness as well as preventing further infection.
4) PH balance - Being a natural product it not as harsh as chemical products that can irritate and disrupt the skin.

Tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral substance and is used worldwide for many different aliments. 
Its great for killing off the bacteria that causes acne, but not as harsh as chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide that are used for the same break out problems.

A daily routine of Witch hazel and tea tree products (cleanse, tone and moisturise along with one weekly facial routine of which hazel and tea tree products (cleanse, tone, scrub, mask and moisturiser) will help clear skin of acne and blemishes and help maintain a health skin surface.

3. Baylis & Hardings - Jojoba, Silk & Almond Oil Moisturising Bath Foam £3.00

Having a massage after a long day is bliss, but unless you live with a beauty therapist, its unlikely you are going to get that, Baylis and Hardings have created a product that is the next best thing and probably one of the most bubbly bath I have ever had. The combination of jojoba, silk and almond oil will leave your body feeling, soft, relaxed and smelling gorgeous! It works best in the evening or when you're stressed. The sweet smell of jojoba and almond oil is relaxing whilst the silk softens the skin and relaxes the muscles! Its like having an aromatherapy massage in the bath and for only £3 its a steal!!

4. Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Dry £3.56 for 250ml, Boots.

If you're like me, then sometimes you just don't have time in the morning to shower, dry yourself, moisturise and wait to dry before you but on your clothes. Nivea have cut out the work and now made a shower body moisturiser that is amazing and perfect for the busiest of lifestyles. Simply clean your skin normally in the shower then apply the nivea in shower body moisturiser, wash off then get out the shower and dry off. Simple.

Moisturising your skin should be an important part of our daily routine but many of us don't get time to do it, or simply just forget. However, feeding your skin with vitamins and nutrients inside moisturises will keep your skin fresh, healthy, free from bacterial and moisturised.

5. Boots Hard Skin Reducing Cream £4.85

As a beauty therapist I see a lot of feet and one of the most common problems is hard skin on the heel and sides of the foot. People can spend loads of money and hours chiselling off the hard skin on their feet, but unknown to them, removing it completely with tools like pedeggs and hard skin shavers will encourage the skin to come back, harder and thicker. It is at the end of the day, when you cut yourself, skin grows back. Its the same with the sole of your foot and so you are technically just encouraging the skin to come back.

The best way to remove the skin is with a cream that will break down the hard skin and moisturise the area. Applying a generous amount to the hard skin twice a day (preferable morning and night) and waiting for it to dry will speed up the break down process and help you have softer feet in a shorter time.

So there we have Helen's top 5 beauty picks and tips!
Helen is also starting up her own little salon where you can receive beauty treatments! Details of prices can be found here

I would like to thank Helen for doing this for me and I certainly hope that you all enjoyed her tips and tricks on how to keep your lovely selves looking gorgeous.

Love always,

Next time on All Things Bright & Beautiful: I have 5 people I have chosen from my friends and family to give me their one 'can't live without' product on my feature: 'Desert Island Beauty'

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