Sunday, 28 April 2013

Help!! Need a pop of colour for your complexion? CALL FINE ONE ONE!

Hey guys, 
So my first post is going to be about Benefit's new product, Fine One One.

This product boasts a sheer brightening cheek tint, that can also be used on lips.

Now, as explained in my 'Welcome' post, I sometimes have a splurge on Benefit Cosmetics, as it is my favourite brand, I love the products and the quirky packaging.
Aside from that, this cheek and lip trio will set you back £23.50.
Pricey, yes. But there are very few Benefit products that are under £20 and I only buy when I can.

Anyway, this product is very impressive. As you can see from the second photo, it comes with three colours, Soft Coral, Sheer Watermelon and Pink Champagne. 

It looks a little daunting at first all together, but trust me, this is not the issue once applied and blended together.

You are instructed to glide the product from the apple of your cheek to your temple, then blend with fingertips in an upward circular motion. Keep the Pink Champagne colour faced upwards, this will highlight your cheekbones.

Its very easy to apply, it blends like a dream and goes from cream to powder form to give you instant lift, shape and pop.

You can also build it up to create a more sheer, dramatic look, you can use the Pink Champagne colour for an extra highlighting glow, and finally you can swipe along your lips for a dash of pretty colour.

I have to admit though, it does take a few sweeps of this product to show on my face, but here is the end result:

A cute pinky/peachy glow. 
Its small enough to throw into my make up bag and has a twist function at the bottom, good for a quick glide of colour throughout the day.

Overall, I would give this product an 8 out 10, for packaging, colour, and for doing what it says on the tin. If only it were affordable enough to buy all the time!

Hope you enjoyed reading my official first ever review!
There's a lot more to come :)

Brogan Jay x

Benefit Fine One One is available from most Boots stores, House Of Fraser and Debenhams. 
Also you can visit the official Benefit website at  


Well, hello there!
My name is Brogan Jay, I'm 26 years old, from Wolverhampton, UK and I absolutely love cosmetics and hair & body products.

I love them that much, I thought I would share my purchases and reviews of the make-up and hair & body products I have. I will also be blogging swatches and how said items look on myself.

I will also be introducing products that are affordable for people on a beauty budget and products that are dupes for the more expensive cosmetics that are out there.

I currently have an obsession with Benefit cosmetics, which I have to say, are giving my bank balance and right bashing. I usually have a splurge on Benefit when I can afford it, but I still buy affordable products, because lets face it, the economy isn't that great at the moment!

So, welcome to my blog, comments and views are welcome and greatly accepted, and I hope you enjoy the products I showcase for you :)

Brogan Jay x
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