Monday, 2 March 2015

Buckley London Review

When it comes to jewellery I don't own a fair lot of really beautiful, fancy pieces apart from my engagement ring.
Enter Buckley London.

Buckley London were established in 1989 by designer Adrian Buckley who had one aim - to design and manufacture the best quality fashion & costume jewellery at competitive prices.
Buckley London have one four prestigious 'Best Costume Jewellery' awards and it's not hard to see why.
Buckley is now sold in over 600 international retail locations as well as being sold in 100 airports around the globe. You can also buy Buckley London jewellery in flight on 150 airlines and cruise ships, so they're a bit of a big deal.

So again when visiting the Blogger Lve Hub's website the other I filled in a request form to sample their Sparkle Mesh Bracelets, which I thought were so cute. Simple mesh bracelets with a heart charm, a kiss charm and a pretty crystal charm, which can be either worn alone or stacked together.

I received an email shortly after from Kate Warren over at Buckley London to thank me for requesting their Sparkle Mesh Bracelets and to me utter astonishment she also said that she would send me their one carat stud earrings and one of their signature poppies. 
I sent an email back gushing to Kate, thanking her for her kindness and generosity, I couldn't believe just how generous one company could be!

So Monday morning I woke up to the sound of the flat buzzer going and it was my package from Buckley. Another thing I couldn't believe was how fast their package reached me.

I tore open the envelope and squealed a little seeing the wonderful gifts they had sent me.

These sparkle mesh bracelets are absolutely stunning. 
Beautiful little crystals set into tiny charms, a black rhodium bracelet, a rose gold bracelet (my latest colour crush) and a gold bracelet.
They are so delicate and I felt SO posh slipping these little darlings onto my wrist. I chose to stack them and they looked so gorgeous together.

 I cannot wait to pair these bracelets with an outfit to do an outfit of the day post!

 These beautiful tiny studs are my most favourite earrings ever at the moment.
I think they're Cubic Zirconia and they're so so so pretty!
They're plated in pure rhodium with an equivalent stone size to a one carat diamond, they're so simple yet stylish, you can wear them with anything.
I haven't taken these out of my ears since I've had them, I'm in love with them and I've had many compliments on them.
I usually only ever wear dress earrings, mostly dangling earrings or feathers or studs from Primark and I have nothing like this in my jewellery collection, and they will be part of my jewellery collection forever!

Best photo I've taken of my ear  - ever!

 I LOVE this beautiful little poppy. 
Buckley designed this poppy last year to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit while whoever wears it proudly supports the The Royal British Legion.
Plated with a gold tone, this gorgeous poppy holds over 100 ruby crystals and is a perfect reminder of those brave men and women who gave their lives for us in the war. 
All profits go to the Royal British Legion charity which I think is such a wonderful thing to do.
I think I first read about these in Elle magazine last year and the poppies are quite popular among the Royal Family.

These were such beautiful items for Buckley to gift me and I could not thank them enough for being so generous and kind. I really am a very lucky girl.

If you like what you have seen here please, don't hesitate visiting their website, they have an absolutely stunning range of jewellery at affordable prices, perfect if you want to treat yourself or treat a loved one - Mothers Day is coming up, so a piece of jewellery off this website would go down a storm with your Mum, I'm sure! 

It's safe to say that I will be visiting the website soon to make my own purchases!

These products were gifted to me by Buckley London. All photos and opinions are my own.
This is not a sponsored post.


  1. The bracelets are gorgeous!!


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