Sunday, 18 October 2015

HALLOWEEN | 3 Simple Looks

If you have been following All Things Bright & Beautiful on Facebook, you will know that the last two weeks I have been posting photos and uploading video to my YouTube Channel of three super easy Halloween looks that anyone can achieve.
I have done all of this using my own makeup as I've been on a tight budget so I didn't buy any face paints or accessories for these looks.

I must tell you though, I'm in no way a professional makeup artist, these looks are just what I have thought of and thrown together and hopefully done them justice.
I certainly hope to all of you reading this that I have given you some kind of inspiration for Halloween! 

Pop Art Look.

I don't know about you guys but I love how women look in comic books, lovely red lips, huge lashes and defined features.
So I thought I would give this look a go and create a Pop Art Look inspired by Roy Lichtenstein an artist in the 1960s.
I used a really bright blue eyeshadow and a bright red lip for this look, and outlined all my defining features with a black liquid eyeliner. I then created red dots with a red lipliner to make the Benday dots Lichtenstein loved to use to create his pop art drawings.
To see how I did this look, watch the video here:

Leopard Lady Look.

Now this look I absolutely loved creating. For as long as I can remember I have loved the leopard print pattern and leopards in general, they're beautiful creatures.
So once I looked at myself in the mirror after finishing this look I didn't want to wash it off!
All this look takes is to make your eyes very cat like. Nice big flicks with the liquid eyeliner and then bring the eyeliner into a sharp point in the inner corner of the eyes.
Using the liquid eyeliner again, I covered the lower part of my nose to create a cat like nose and some whiskers. I also lined my top lip with the black eyeliner.
The spots were the most easiest to create, I simply used my Bobbi Brown Retouch Stick in Walnut and made some splodges around my cheeks. I then outlined them with black eyeliner and finally used some gold eyeshadow in the centres of the spots to give them some depth.
I then used a nude brown lipstick on my lower lip.
If you want to see me create this look, here is the video:

Bloody Goth Look.

So I have some experience in this look as when I was about 15 to the ages of 19 I was obsessed with everything black. I loved heavy metal music, loads of black eyeliner, wearing black clothing, I was a full on goth chick.
So this look was easy for my to create, I just went back to what I knew back then.
I have to admit that this was just going to be a gothic look, but I just thought I would let loose with some colour and dark lips.
I paled my complexion down by mixing a CC cream with some white powder and used three colours on my eyes using the Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette box in the colours Zero, Ransom and Fishnet. I then winged out my eyeliner but too far so I decided to turn that into spiderwebs,
I used the Zero shade to create tear tracks down my face and then used black kohl eyeliner to outline my lips and then used Makeup Revolution's Velvet Vamp Lip Lacquer to fill in my lips.
I then took Benefit's Bene-Tint and used that as blood around my mouth and nose.
I did enjoy this look a lot, but it was a bugger to get off my face! 
If you want to see me create this look, here is the video: 

So there are my 3 simple Halloween looks, which you can do too with the products you have in your makeup bags.
I really enjoyed filming these videos, it was my first time doing anything like this and I think I may create a Halloween/Costume playlist on my channel and do some more looks!

Keep your eye out on my channel for more videos, Get Ready With Me videos and much more!
And over on here, plenty of reviews and new products coming up!

Until next time,

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Matte Eyes Bold Lips (VIDEO)

The last video I published today was another Autumnal look, which I named Matte Eyes Bold Lips.
I really thought about that mysterious title a lot didn't I?

So I basically filmed myself dolling myself up for another look for this season. 
I feel that this look is a more glamorous look compared to the GRWM Autumn Look I did a few weeks back, and I really love it.

Products Used;
Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover & Conceal Palette in Light-Medium
Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer
L'Oreal Infallible 23 Hour Matte Foundation in Rose Beige
Soap & Glory Archery Eyebrow Pencil in Brownie Points
Bourjois Aqua Blush in Cocori Corail
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar & Glow Palette
I Love Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette in shades: Smoothly, Milky and Tob-ler-one
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipstick in Divine Wine

I hope you enjoy watching it!

I've had so much fun filming today and tomorrow I have a super busy day filming not one, but THREE different Halloween looks.
I am SO excited to show them off on my YouTube Channel.

I'm not going to let on what the looks are, but if you're all good little monsters, Friday morning over on my YouTube Channel and my Official Facebook Fan Page there will be a little sneak peek trailer of the looks.
So get subscribing to my channel, for new videos every Wednesday & Sunday!

Until then,
Sleep Tight!

Desk Tour (Video)

I've been asked by a lot of people for a Desk Tour, It's taken me a while because I didn't know how I would go about it, my hands can be really shaky when holding a camera.

But I had the best opportunity to do it today just after I had tidied it up, because does anyone else's desk stay clean long once they've done their makeup?
Mine either.

So today, I have given you all a little insight to my desk, what's on there, where I keep things, what I use on my hair, what makeup I have, all the little trinkets, photos and decorations are here in this video.

I hope enjoyed a good nosey about my desk, I loved filming this for you all!

Makeup Revolution Haul (VIDEO)

So, it would only be a matter of time again before I was splurging out on new Makeup Revolution goodies.
Their affordability and quality of their products is second to none and places them at the very top of my favourite drugstore brand.

Infact, I may as go as far as saying that I've put away some of my high end favourites for these products.

This video I talk to you and show you all the products I have purchased over the last month or so.

Products Mentioned:
Naked Chocolate Palette
New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette
Flawless Palette
Beyond Flawless Palette
Ultra Contour Palette
Ultra Cover & Conceal Palette in Light-Medium
Ultra Blush Palette in All About Cream
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Vamp
I Love Makeup Super Wow Lipstick in Sunday Girl
I Love Makeup Super Wow Lipstick in Call Me

Hope you enjoy this video!

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