Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Final Saver Saturday!

Hello guys, 

Well, its the final Saver Saturday, and I'm holed up in bed with a cold so no video again this week, unless you want to see a snotted up me (ew)

So, this week I had a mega saving, by yet again ordering from the Avon.
I ordered these items a few weeks ago and they arrived on Friday, I was like a big kid at Christmas!

We will start with the first 2 items I selected:

 I decided to order a Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask, as I've heard that black minerals are great for your skin!
The mask was £3, and it instructs you to apply to a clean dry face and wait for the mask to transform from black to a light grey colour, which should take around 10-15 mins.
Once the mask is dry, you wash off with warm water and pat dry.
The mask is designed to attract and effectively remove pore-clogging oils.

Next to the mask is Avon's Speed Dry nail enamel in Turquoise Pop.
These nail polishes are designed to dry within 30 seconds, but I'm yet to try this out.
I love the colour, its kind of a mint chocolate chip ice cream colour! 
I might try this out and use my nail art brush and add some chocolate brown polka dots to make my nails look yummy!
This nail enamel cost just £3.

Next up we have the biggest saving I got out of this issue of Avon:

This lovely black pvc clutch bag might not look much, until you open it.
Inside you have a double eyeshadow palette called 'Healthy Glow' 
A cream coloured shadow and a sort of soft beige shadow, which I'm really looking forward to using.

Avon's Ultra Colour Lipstick in Red 2000,

Avon's SuperShock Mascara in Black

and Avon's Glimmersticks in Blackest Black.

All the essentials you need to create a vamp-ish look, and the bag comes as an extra for a night out!

And all of this cost me just £10!

A tenner for all of this great stuff, where usually the contents of this bag bought individually would cost you around £30, so a mega huge saving there!
And also a great gift idea for someone at Christmas.

£16 I've spent all together this week, for 7 items!

If that's not a huge saving, I don't know what is!

So there we have the final Saver Saturday, and I do apologize for not doing a video, I really can't talk properly at the moment, I have a stuffed up nose and a very sore throat!
This isn't the end of the video blogs though! I think I will be reviewing future products via video blog, so you still get to see my lovely mush :)

What savings have you had this week?

Love Always,

My year so far...

Hello everyone, 
Seen as I have chosen to stay in this weekend and just chill out, (plus I'm not feeling 100% as it is)  I thought it would give me the opportunity to spend some time on this blog and getting more posts up about make-up, beauty, lifestyle and my photography.

So, seen as its October now, and we only have around 11 weeks left until the end of the year, I thought I would give you all an insight into what 2013 has been like for me!

It's been such a busy year for me, what with trips, hen weekends, weddings and taking time out to do photography, I don't think there has been many weekends where I have just stayed in and rested!

I'll start with January and work my way through, because I have decided to add photo's into this post to show you what I've been up to, and I've picked out the important times of this year, the times that have stood out the most for me. 
So, been warned, there are a LOT of photos in this post and I hope you all like seeing them.


Two days after Boxing Day 2012, me, Mark his brother Jack and his partner Katie, jumped on a train to Scotland to visit their Dad for a week, I was so excited about this as I had been to Edinburgh and Aberdeen before, but it was on my Kaiser Chiefs tour and I didn't really get to see much only being there a day. Plus, we hadn't been on holiday that year so I was really looking forward to a well deserved break.

I have never drank so much alcohol in my life, and never did so many tequila shots in one sitting, as I did up in Scotland! All the people seem to want to do is get you well and truly bladdered! But seen as I was on a break I wasn't complaining anyway!!

We visited Glasgow City Centre and walked to the Necropolis which I was eager to see, its a huge Victorian cemetery which is on a low but very prominent hill, next to Glasgow Cathedral. Once you reach the top you have the most spectacular view of Glasgow.
There are so many beautiful gravestones at the Necropolis, there is said to be around fifty thousand bodies buried here but not every grave has a stone, there are approximately 3500 monuments there.

We also visited Edinburgh which was beautiful and all lit up for Christmas and New Year which was magical!
We celebrated New Year's Eve at a private hotel party, where at midnight, we had a bagpipe player come in and play for the New Year which was really emotional for me! 

On New Year's Day we visited Calderglen Country Park which was massive, loads of twists and turns, hills and waterfalls and the River Clyde runs through it, we had spent around 3 hours walking around there, before going to another house party and yet again, more alcohol consumption!

I had such a brilliant time up there, and I can't wait go and visit again, I really want to visit Edinburgh Castle and some other beautiful places!

Here are my photo's from our trip:


For Christmas 2012, my wonderful fiancée gave me tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford.
I was ecstatic to go as the Harry Potter series are some of my favourite films and my favourite books to read, and as the books and films came out over the years, I felt like I had grown up with the characters.

So we drove from Wolverhampton to Watford on a really cold Saturday morning, and the drive down the M5 was so scary! It had started to snow quite bad on the way down, and going 80 down the motorway with the snow coming at the car that hard, it looked like we were going into warp speed on Star Trek!

We arrived there and as soon as I saw the building, I. FREAKED. OUT.
I don't think it helped that I had 2 coffees and a can of Monster on the way down, but man, I was so excited for this!

When you get in there you have to wait in a queue to go into this little room, while you're waiting there are some props there for you to look at, like the cupboard under the stairs, the Dursley's family photos and there are big pictures of the cast of the film all the way round the room.

When you arrive in the little room, you have a talk from a tour guide and you are led into a cinema where you sit and watch a short film, from the world's most famous trio - Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.
All of a sudden the huge screen we were watching began rising up to reveal the doors to the Great Hall. I almost burst into tears! I was about to enter the Great Hall!
There was so much to see, the detail on the windows, walls and fireplaces, the tabled were set out with the gold plates and goblets and at the top of the hall were mannequins dressed as the teachers and head teacher of Hogwarts.

You then can walk around for hours looking at props and set from the films and there is literally everything there. From the Weasley's living room to the potions classroom, from the sickly pink outfits that Professor Umbridge wore to the entrance to the Chamber Of Secrets, all of it was there and I walked around with my mouth open, stunned by everything that was there!

We were led outside to a little stand that was selling Butterbeer which I HAD to try, and sadly it wasn't for me :( But I still got to keep my Butterbeer mug!

I knocked on the door of Number 4, Privet Drive and stood on the Knight Bus and looked upon the huge chess pieces from the first film & book in awe.

The next part of the tour took us to the room with all the wax heads and models, and saw Nearly Headless Nick, Grindylows, goblins from Gringotts, Fawkes and Buckbeak.

We walked down Diagon Alley, coming past the Owlery, Ollivanders and Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

We then entered a room with lots of paintings of the scenes from Harry Potter which was fascinating!

We walked through a door and I was greeted wit a sight that completely took my breath away, a huge model of the Hogwarts Castle, I could feel myself becoming emotional again just walking around it and taking photos, it was absolutely beautiful!
We arrived at the giftshop and I had to get myself a Chocolate Frog!
I also bought a chocolate wand, a Gryffindor keyring and a tour programme.

I had a truly magical day there and I would recommend it to anyone!

Here are the photos:
(please excuse my awful dip dye I attempted on myself!)


I love the month of March, Spring is about to begin, flowers are coming out, lambs are being born, its getting slightly warmer, and its my birthday month!!
I also decided to jazz up dip dye by using Crazy Colours on my hair, and dying it pink, which later on in the month I got bored of and just dyed my hair back brown!

So nothing too big happened this month, just a few photography trips to Ironbridge with my two friends Rachel & Emily and then a trip to the Black Country Museum for my birthday with Mark.

Ironbridge is beautiful, it's a settlement on the River Severn, at the heart of the Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire.
And the reason its called Ironbridge is because there is a HUGE Ironbridge that was built there in 1779.
The bridge is a 100ft cast iron bridge built by Abraham Darby, who I found out recently I am related to, which is pretty cool!

Ironbridge is a lovely little village with Cathedrals and Churches dotted around, lots of nice pubs, and a Victorian village you can go and visit as well as the Gorge Museum.

We had a great day around here, despite it being absolutely freezing!

Here are the photos from our day trip:

 For my birthday I really wanted to visit the Black Country Museum.
I had never been before despite it being about half an hour away from where I live, I wanted to learn more about my home county.

The Black Country Museum is an open air museum in Dudley, which is the heart of the Black Country.
Its close to Dudley Castle, and the museum is part of an industrial land reclaimed from a former railway goods yard, disused kilns and former coal pits.

You can go down the coal mines for a tour, visit the old sweetshop, the old chip shop and go on a canal boat ride down the Dudley Canal and under the Dudley Tunnel which takes you underneath the Castle.

I was fascinated by everything I saw, and was so proud of my heritage and loved learning about everything Black Country.

Here are some of the photos from our day out:


There wasn't really much that happened in April and May this year, I was so busy working and visiting people that I really didn't get chance to do much, apart from a visit to our local Arboretum in Walsall, a huge Victorian Park with beautiful gardens, a pool and a bandstand.

So I met up with me bestie Rachel and we spent the day taking photos around this beautiful park:


Now, June was the most busiest month of my life! I had something on every weekend in this month, with work happening in the week.

The first weekend of June I was so excited about as I was going to see my most favourite band in the whole world at Villa Park - Bon Jovi!
As mentioned in my About Me post, I adore this band, they're amazing.

The gig was Sunday the 9th of June and I was going to see them with Rachel, so I knew that this was going to be an epic day, we are both such huge fans of the band!
We woke up mega early and got the train to Aston and walked it to the football ground, read to queue all day so we were guaranteed a great spot on the barrier.

Supporting Bon Jovi were two local bands Of Kings and Captains and The Enemy who were both brilliant, then we had a 45 minute wait for Bon Jovi to come onstage and I was beside myself in pure excitement.
The last time I saw Bon Jovi in concert was 2006 and the very first one I went to was in 2003 and I was 16.

Bon Jovi came onstage and the place just exploded!

Here are some of the photos I took, they're not the best quality, but I had such an amazing night and they blew me away. yet again.

By the way, waiting out in the scorching sun for a great place on the barrier, does not bode well for me, I got so sunburnt I looked like a lobster :(

 The second weekend of June I went with a huge group of my girlfriends and mums to the Butlins in Minehead for another one of my besties - (Jodie) Hen Weekend!

It was a 90s Reloaded weekend, which was amazing.

We all had two themes for the weekend, the first night was a kind of neon/tutu night and the second night was army theme as Jodie was marrying her partner who is in the Army.
The third and final night was dress how you want.

I have never been to a place so wild in my entire life, I think out of the 3 days we were there I had about 7 - 8 hours sleep, it was so noisy and busy!

We had a great weekend, full of 90s tunes that took us back, plenty of beer and laughs!

Here are the photos from that weekend:

 The Saturday after our weekend away, Jodie was marrying her man Sam.
I was asked to be Maid Of Honour which I was honoured to do as me and Jodie have been best friends for 26 years now, she's more like family to me than a friend, she's part of my family and I'm part of hers.

So the wedding day was very emotional and so special.

The church service was beautiful, I had to carry her daughter Poppy down the aisle and then I had to give a speech at the reception, which I was bricking it for!

But it was such a gorgeous day, and here are the photos:


After the month I had in June, I took some time out to rest. What with me being awake from 5:30am Monday to Friday, my job involves me standing up for 9 and a half hours, I have to travel an hour to work and an hour back, I tend to get really wore out, really easily.

So I booked a few days off work to chill out and got back on to doing some photography.

So me and Mark had a few BBQs to go to, a family party and we took a walk through Sutton Park:

 August, September & October.

I loved these months as we went from Summer into Autumn and I did some more photography, had a few more parties, nights out and weddings, and two trips to Shrewsbury, one with Rachel and one with Mark last weekend to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.
Here are the last load of photos from the last three months:

Sandwell Valley Park & Farm.

 Girls Night Out.

 Day Trip To Shrewsbury.

 Rebecca & Stuart's Wedding.

 Anniversary Trip To Shrewsbury.

 This brings us to the present day, and I have loved every moment of this year so far and there is still two months to go and loads of opportunities to capture my favourite moments.

So I hope you all enjoyed my year so far, as much as I have enjoyed experiencing these moments!

Love Always,

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