Sunday, 28 April 2013


Well, hello there!
My name is Brogan Jay, I'm 26 years old, from Wolverhampton, UK and I absolutely love cosmetics and hair & body products.

I love them that much, I thought I would share my purchases and reviews of the make-up and hair & body products I have. I will also be blogging swatches and how said items look on myself.

I will also be introducing products that are affordable for people on a beauty budget and products that are dupes for the more expensive cosmetics that are out there.

I currently have an obsession with Benefit cosmetics, which I have to say, are giving my bank balance and right bashing. I usually have a splurge on Benefit when I can afford it, but I still buy affordable products, because lets face it, the economy isn't that great at the moment!

So, welcome to my blog, comments and views are welcome and greatly accepted, and I hope you enjoy the products I showcase for you :)

Brogan Jay x

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