Monday, 6 May 2013

MUA (Make Up Academy) haul.

So Saturday I decided to pop into Superdrug and check out the very well reviewed MUA collection. I was after some new eyeshadows and some bright nail varnishes, seen as this weather just makes me want to make a bold, bright statement.

I found this eyeshadow palette called 'Poptastic' which I immediately fell in love with.
This palette holds 12 of the most gorgeous, brightest colours I have ever seen! From purples to blues, greens and even a kind of neon red, so into my basket it went.

And at £4 I couldn't complain.
I also think that this spring/summer a flash of bright colour on your eyelids is a must!

Next I moved onto the nail polis section and there were a lot to choose from.
So many beautiful colours and to be honest I hovered around that section for a good 20 minutes, trying to decided which colours I wanted to suit the weather.

So, in the end I chose to purchase a lilac colour called 'Frozen Yoghurt' a beautiful pink called 'Bright Pink' and my newest favourite colour crush 'Bright Coral' and again, at £1 a polish I couldn't complain!

So all in all, a good bargain at £7 :)

I used the 'Frozen Yoghurt' nail polish on my fingernails yesterday and was very impressed with the consistency and coverage, I used 2 coats to achieve the colour I wanted and it's a beautiful lilac colour.

I also used the 'Bright Coral' on my toenails, which I am thrilled about! Again great coverage and I have achieved my 'summer toenails'

I'm yet to use the 'Bright Pink' but I'm sure that will make it's way onto my nails before the week is out!

The eyeshadow palette is excellent for coverage and pigmentation, I have only used the deep purple colour, but two applications gave a gorgeous colour on my eyelids and it lasted all day.

This purchase I will give a big fat 10 out of 10, for affordability, packaging, coverage, consistency and pigmentation.

One happy customer indeed :) thank you MUA!

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