Friday, 30 May 2014

Celebrate the new revolution with Makeup Revolution!

As a beauty addict, I'm always on the lookout for new products at affordable prices.
So when a friend on Facebook introduced me to Makeup Revolution I was straight on their website to see what they had to offer.

Oh My Good God.

Makeup Revolution offers 300 affordable products that are to die for.

From velvet lip lacquers to neon eyeshadows, liquid blush to every colour nail polish you can imagine, Makeup Revolution has the lot.
And the price range is amazing too, the cheapest product starting from just £1 and the most expensive product being £12, I could very easily blow my wages on the whole range.

Excited about this new website, I decided to order some new products to test out and then I will review them on here.

I ordered three Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers in shades:
- Keep Lying For You: A gorgeous grape purple £3.00
- Keep Crying For You: A lovely nude peachy pink £3.00
- You Took My Love: A beautiful fuchsia pink £3.00

These velvet lip lacquers promise a 'highly pigmented, bold matte finish which stays in places for hours' which I am so excited for, as mentioned in the last post I wrote, I adore matte finish lipstick.

Next I ordered 2 of their Scandalous single eyeshadows in shades:
- Go! An acid green £1.00
- Pink It Is: A bright fuchsia pink £1.00

I can't wait to use these eyeshadows I have an idea to use them as eyeliner on my eyelids for a pop of colour this summer.

And last but not least I ordered their Vivid Blush Lacquer in O Boy, which looks to be a beautiful cotton candy pink which costs £3.00.

I'm so excited to receive my first order and I'm beside myself to try out the products on myself, especially the velvet lip lacquers.

The entire order, including £2.95 delivery charge clocked up to £16.95, which I was really happy about.

The range is also available on Superdrug's website and is set to hit shelves at some point soon.
I can see this company being as big of a hit with beauty addicts as MUA was, if not bigger.

Anyway, I will save the fawning and drooling for when my order arrives!

You can buy products from Makeup Revolution here from their website.
And Superdrug's website.
Makeup Revolution also ship orders to different countries, see website for details.

Have you tried and of Makeup Revolution's products yet?

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