Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nuts about coconut oil!

It certainly is perfectly pure.
Welcome to another blogpost on All Things Bright And Beautiful, where this week I will be blogging about the wonder that is pure coconut oil.

I first come across coconut oil when reading a friends blog and she introduced a pot she bought from Superdrug.

I immediately went and bought myself two pots of this oil which claims to deep condition the hair as well as the skin.

I used my two pots within the month of June, mainly on my hair as I had read in so many places that coconut oil is great for hair growth, and all I want is my long hair again.

So on my last venture out to the shops to buy some more I thought I would go one better than the oil I bought in Superdrug and found myself in Holland & Barrett.

I picked up two very large jars of 100% natural raw virgin coconut oil. 

Now, I went for pure coconut oil not only to use on my hair but to also eat as well.

You're all probably thinking 'eat it?!' and yes, I mean eat it.

When speaking to a lovely assistant in Holland & Barrett she informed me that as good as it is for your hair and skin, if you take a spoonful a day it does wonders for your digestive system and helps speed up weight loss if you're on a sensible diet.

I've been taking a spoonful of oil a day, the first time I did I gagged a little because you are putting pure oil into your mouth and its a little hard to swallow at first, but you do get used to it, and not too sure if its my diet going well, or the oil but I am losing a pound or two of weight a week and I feel so much better about myself, more energy! 

I also use coconut oil as a face wash.

Again, I know what you're thinking, why would you wash your face with oil? 
This stuff is a miracle for my skin.

I usually take a small amount on my fingers:

This oil does come in solid form:

But it really doesn't take long at all for it to liquify on your skin, like so:

So, you take the small amount and apply this to your face, make sure you massage the oil in, all over your face and neck, while you're doing this, breathe in the delicious smell of the coconut, it's gorgeous.

Next, take a wash cloth and soak it in hot water, wring it out fully and place it over your face. The warmth from the cloth will open the pores on your face so the coconut oil absorbs quicker and helps if get to work. 
Leave the cloth on your face for around 15-20 seconds.

Soak the cloth and wring out again and start to gently wipe the oil off your skin.

After this is done you can pat your face dry with a soft towel. 

There may be a little oil left on your face, if this is the case just rub it in your face as it acts as a moisturiser.

Don't worry about the oil clashing with the natural oils that your face produces, as coconut oil actually tricks your skin into thinking it has enough moisture.

My skin has never been softer or brighter and people are noticing and complementing me on my skin. 

As I said I use this maybe once or twice a week as a deep conditioner on my hair. 

All I do is scoop a small handful out and apply to my roots, and massage into my scalp. 

I then take a fine tooth comb and brush the oil through my hair from root to tip.

When my hair is saturated I take a hair elastic and tie my hair into a bun and let the oil start its work by leaving it for a good 3-4 hours, I sometimes wrap my hair up in a warm towel, that's only if I have nothing else to do other than chill out with a good film/book/programme.

After the 3-4 hours have passed I go in the shower and just stand under the shower head letting the water rinse the oil out of my hair, then I start massaging my hair to make sure all of it is out.

Once this is done and I'm definitely sure all the oil is out I just use a very small amount of conditioner, I use Organix Coconut Milk conditioner, like I said, I really love anything coconut! 

And then give my hair a good rinse before getting out of the shower.

I dry and style my hair as I would normally and I always use heat protection spray or serum.

This oil acting as a deep conditioner is amazing! My hair is so soft and super super shiny. My hair feels stronger, has more volume and I ain't gonna lie, it has grew a bit since using it. 

Also use this oil to apply a sheen to your legs after shaving them, keep them supple looking for these last few weeks of summer, use to massage into your cuticles to promote nail strength and growth, you can also replace oils you cook food in with this oil and even use it as a low fat spread instead of butter. 

There are so many benefits from using coconut oil, I've been spreading the word to everyone and asking them to give coconut oil a try.

I would love for some of you bloggers and readers to try it out too and let me know what you think?   

Do any of you use it already? Drop me a comment on how you're finding it and what you use it for :) 

Love always,

Next time on All Things Bright & Beautiful: I have a special guest featuring on my blog to give you her top 5 beauty products and a few tips to keep you gorgeous people looking beautiful! Keep your eyes peeled lovelies! 

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