Monday, 26 August 2013

Hen Weekend Survival

As promised I said I would give you all the lowdown on how to survive a hen weekend away, running on very little sleep and nursing a huge hangover.

Hen and Stag weekends are becoming more and more popular as people swap a night out for a weekend away with friends to celebrate their last few weeks as fiancées to their partners. Whether be a weekend in Ibiza or a weekend in the UK

I had such pleasure of attending a hen weekend for my best friend Miss Jodie Barber who was to become Mrs Jodie Sheen. 

So when the the plans were final our location would be the Butlins in Minehead for their 90s reloaded weekender, which I was overjoyed about, I mean is their anything better than a weekend of drinking and getting on down to our favourite 90s tunes that we grew up with? I don't think there is! And the best part of it was, that most of the girls who were going, I grew up with them so a lot of 90s experiences were to be remembered.

So the night before we were to set off I packed my suitcase with clothes and the all important lotions, potions and make up to ensure I looked great whilst we were away.

So here are my 8 all important products I packed to take with me and a little run down on how they helped my face and hair survive the weekend of 90s madness.

So first off we have Garnier PureActive face wash, with extracts of grapefruit, pomegranate and vitamin C.
This product is for oily skin prone to imperfections which is great for my skin as I tend to get an oily T-Zone which is a pain the backside as it causes breakouts on my forehead. The scent is really lovely and it really freshens up your face, good for after a heavy night on the beer which I think, can leave your skin dull.

Now, as stated in previous posts, I'm currently having a love affair with Benefit Cosmetics and I love everything they bring out. 
So when they introduced their face care range I was over the moon. 
My favourite is this Triple Performing Facial Emulsion lotion, which after applied leaves your skin super soft and supple and its a great base for applying make up.

Next up is the trusty Batiste dry shampoo, great for the morning after a night out, I usually showered and washed my hair before we went out, so for in the day when we would go and see a tribute band, go for food or a stroll along the beach, I sprayed this in my hair to keep it fresh looking and as my hair is brown the brunette dry shampoo has a hint of colour in it to freshen up any colour. 

Another favourite for my hair after washing it is John Frieda's Frizz Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum.
Seen as I wash my hair up to 4 times a week, I blowdry and straighten it every time so this little gem helps a lot with protecting my hair from heat and styling damage, and the ends of my hair don't become frazzled. It leaves the hair silky smooth and straight afterwards. 

Another little gem I found while wandering around Boots were their own brand of cucumber facial wipes. You can usually get 3 packs for around £3 and they're great. They smell fresh and are cooling on the skin and get rid of make up pretty quick, I always keep a pack in my bag for those little emergencies.

Another important tool I packed in my make up bag was Benefit's Peek-A-Bright Eyes, eye illuminating kit.
I adore this little kit, all the things you need to give your tired eyes a pop and brighten them up. The brown shade really opens your eyes and is excellent as an eyeliner as its soft and isn't as harsh as black eyeliner. Good for those days when your eyes are heavy and tired.

The most perfect highlighter I've ever used! Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl, gives a liquid pearl highlight which I use on my cheekbones, just on the bridge of my nose, the inner corners of my eyes and a smidgen on my Cupid's bow. Gives a very lovley pinkish gold highlight and brightens the face right up!

And last but not least, my favourite item in my make up bag, MAC's Ruby Woo in matte finish. 
I love this lipstick like a fat kid loves cake, it goes on effortlessly, a gorgeous vampy red with a matte finish which will make your lips look irresistible. It's creamy, it smells heavenly and will give a pout I'm sure Marylin Monroe would be jealous of! 
I usually team this with 50s kitten flicks lots of mascara, natural face and a little bit of blush making you look and feel like a 50s siren. 

So there we have my 8 products that certainly made me look better than I felt, I always made sure the days after I had been out drinking I drank plenty of water and ate a fairly decent sized meal for dinner to line the stomach. And always remember kids, drink responsibly and stay with the friends you came with.

Hope you all enjoyed reading,


Next time on All Things Bright And Beautiful: I give you my review on the product I cannot stop using: pure coconut oil. See you soon! 

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