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REVIEW: Impractical Jokers - Barclaycard Arena - 13th January 2017.


So, as most of you know, there are 4 guys from Staten Island who I adore.
The Tenderloins.
You may also know them as Impractical Jokers, 4 best friends who compete to embarrass each other in public by setting each other challenges and the loser get punished in the most humiliating way at the end of the show.
If you remember the last post I wrote about my top 5 punishments, I mentioned that I had Meet & Greet tickets to see them live in Birmingham in January this year,

So ten long months passed and it finally came to the day of the show and I was beyond excited.
I had met up with a brilliant group of girls - all huge fans of the show for drinks beforehand in Birmingham before heading to the Barclaycard Arena.

Support for Impractical Jokers was New York comedian, actor and musician Owen Benjamin, who entertained us with his own renditions of Coldplay and Beatles hits, including a hilarious version of One Republic's Apologize where he very funnily mocked Timbaland's vocal performance. Jokes about girls pulling 'duck faces' in selfies and relationships, he pulled some loud laughs from the Birmingham audience.
He closed his brilliant, yet short performance with a song called 'Feel My Heat' where the whole of the arena joined in for a singalong with him, he was just an excellent opener for the guys.

Q, Joe, Sal and Murr came out onstage within half hour of Owen leaving the stage to loud cheers and a standing ovation.
We were all laughing within the first few minutes of the guys being onstage as they immediately cracked the jokes, made fun of each other (Q being compared to 'Jack Black left in a microwave' had me choking on my beer) and told us hilarious stories about a Wendy's burger, a toilet mishap and a road rage incident as well as other rib tickling stories.

This tour they embarked on in the UK was their biggest performing to sell out crowds of up to 15,000 people every night, which is so very impressive considering they only made their debut to UK television back in 2015. They really are very popular over here.

Regardless of there being thousands of people in front of them, the four guys bounced off each other with ease, never showing an ounce of nervousness. 
The jokes just kept on coming, the whole arena erupted in fits of laughter and we were shown some exclusive clips from the show that had the arena and myself in stitches.

Just before the show ended, Sal gave us some very heartfelt words, thanking us all for being there and how much it meant to them to have our support and love (I admit I shed a little tear, I love these 4 so much) 
and that they would hopefully be back in the UK again for a new tour in October. 
The show ended with huge applause from the audience, another standing ovation and a lot of singing, dancing, confetti and t-shirt cannons being fired into the crowd not to mention a creepy looking Murr on a segway rolling along the stage!

 The show was incredible and my face hurt from laughing so much, it was such an honour to see The Tenderloins perform live onstage after laughing so much at their TV show at home.

Not only have these 4 friends entertained me with their show but they've given me a reason to smile and laugh through the hardest times of my life. 
I've had some of the worst days and these guys have turned me from a sobbing wreck to rolling around laughing my head off at their antics.

After the show we had our Meet & Greet, where two groups of fans get to join Q, Joe, Sal & Murr in a room for a while to chat with them, have things signed, get photos and finally have a group photo with the four of them.

We were the last group in to meet the guys and I was so nervous!
But as soon as you get chatting to the guys all that nervousness fizzles away as they welcome you as friends and instantly put you at ease and make you laugh and feel comfortable.
I got to talk to them all individually, thank them (a bit too much) for what they have done for me, I gave them gifts, there were lots of hugs and kisses given out and laughter between us all, it was such a  pleasure to talk to them and be in their presence, even if for a short time, the memory and experience will stay with me forever.

 That night was truly the most fun I'd had in a long time and I had built my excitement up that much and was not let down one bit. It was everything I had imagined and more, and I literally cannot thank The Tenderloins enough for all the laughs, happiness and amazing friends I have made through their show.

I highly recommend those of you who love the Jokers as much as I do to see them live at some point, you will not be disappointing as they are the funniest and most kindest men I have ever had the good fortune of meeting and seeing live. 

I left the arena that night with a new group of friends and smile a mile wide, so it is true what they say that laughter really is the best medicine!

Roll on October! 

 You can watch Impractical Jokers double episodes on Monday nights on Comedy Central from 10pm
For tour information, please visit

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  1. Great review hunny. We were also at Birmingham and we had an amazing time. Four best friends from Staten Island who go out of their way to embarrass each other and within 18 months have become worldwidely famous. Unfortunately we weren't able to get meet & greet this time (for five of us) but determined to get some in October. If we can only get one, I'm gonna be really selfish and have it for myself, after all I introduced the rest of my family after finding the tv programme by chance the early hours of one morning when my pain in my back was so severe and I was feeling so sorry for myself. Usually I sit in the dark and have a bit of a cry but for some unbeknown reason I put the tv on and have never looked back. My sister also has a debilitating condition and I told her about Impractical Jokers, and now she puts the tv on when she can't sleep. Just love these guyz and their fan base has gone global in such a short time. Xx


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