Monday, 21 July 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge Days 23 & 24

If you won the lottery?

Oh god, I would be straight into MAC! Haha, other than that I would give Mark and our families some of the money I had won, I would help out a few friends, sell the flat and buy some holiday homes in Cornwall, Italy and Hawaii and I would travel all of the world. 

What attracts you in love?

Eyes. The colour of the opposite sex's eyes can get me sometimes. The ability to make me laugh within the first ten minutes of us being together then I'm all yours. When I met Mark, (we actually met on Facebook, I knew his brother) we messaged each other all day and night and I think that's what made us perfect together because we had that instant connection which led us to speak for hours and by the second day of knowing each other, Mark was calling me on my phone and we were having like two hour conversations. We met up a week later and the rest is history I guess!

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