Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Signature Fragrances London Sample Review

I love perfume, I think a perfume can say so much about yourself and when you find that one perfume you make it your signature fragrance.

The lovely lot over at Signature Fragrances London do just that and very kindly sent me two samples of their beautiful perfume

Before I go on - I am in love with the perfumes I was sent to try. I have never smelt better!

About Signature Fragrances London.
Signature Fragrances London was founded by two friends: Solomon and Yinka. Having a huge passion for fragrances the pair decided to make that passion a reality by introducing a range of unique fragrances for everyone to enjoy.
Their perfumes are categorized by four of the most popular fragrance families in the world. Each fragrance carries its own identity, giving its user and unique sensory experience.

These perfumes contain little to no alcohol moving away from their fragrances being an eau de toilette or eau de parfum, giving their scents a true smell that lasts hours.

I was sent two lovely samples: Lola and Deja Vu.

 Before even taking the top off the samples I can already smell the fragrance which is beautiful.

My favourite of the two I was sent.
I applied this and was immediately reminded of my Aunty Pam. She always smells so beautiful and sophisticated and this just reminded me of her.
It starts with a fruity scent and as the fragrances settles down you get floral and woody notes come through giving the perfume sensuality, sweetness and is very feminine.
I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist all day, it was simply beautiful and I felt really sophisticated wearing it. I mean, I'm 27 but I honestly felt like a proper woman wearing this.

Deja Vu.
This scent really is something else.
The fragrance opens with beautiful floral notes and once settled the fruity notes begin to appear, I smelt peaches but creamier, if that makes sense?
A little while after that the scent become warm and and juicy smelling, which in all honesty made me hungry! And there are certainly some spices that grace this perfume, very delicately. 
This one lasts a good while too its like the fragrances just takes over the room when you put it on, it has that level of richness, which doesn't over power the nose or the room, it just smells so delicious.

These fragrances are out of this world and the bottles and packaging they come in are to die for. I cannot wait to try some out for myself.
If you want to buy these delectable perfumes, you can purchase them from the Signature Fragrances London website here and they're really affordable too with fragrances starting at £21.

*PR Samples kindly sent to me by Signature Fragrances London.
This is not a sponsored post.

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