Sunday, 13 September 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint.

Barry M is a brand that everyone and their dog knows. They have a HUGE range of nail polishes in every colour you can imagine in different finishes, from matte to gel.
Barry M's latest release in the early Spring was a range of Quick Dry nail paints.

Now I know myself and every nail painter out there that, even though we love to paint our talons, there is nothing worse than sitting there waiting for them to dry. We cannot touch a thing, everything is held in our hands like its made of molten metal and god forbid if you need the loo halfway through the drying process.
Enter Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint.

When released back in March I purchased 4 of the pastel nail paints and fell in love instantly, not only were the shades really pretty and really suited the season, I didn't have to worry about needing the toilet while waiting for the paint to dry. That's how quick these polishes dry.

Fast forward to yesterday when I was in Superdrug and spotted the Barry M stand offering Buy one Get One Half Price and a whole range of new colours added to the Speedy polishes.

I love to keep up with the seasons colour crushes and spotted these two shades, which I thought were perfect for the Autumn months ahead.
I picked up the shades Sprint Finish and Need For Speed:

L-R: Sprint Finish & Need For Speed
Sprint Finish is a rich cranberry shade, absolutely spot on for this time of year. I painted my nails with this last night and loved the end result. I have a million and one red nail polishes, but this one is different and is really lovely. Within ten minutes I was able to carry doing my normal tasks without smudging any of my nails.

Need For Speed is such a pretty lilac, which I know has a Spring vibe to it, but I reckon using this in the Winter with a top coat of glitter will really jazz it up and make it look quite Christmassy.

I've had my eye on some other shades in the range that I might just have to get next weekend, especially if they are on Buy One Get One Half Price!
You can buy Barry M shades direct from their website here.
Have you tried the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints yet? 
Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Need for Speed looks gorgeous! I can't get enough of this range - such a great formula and amazing shades :) xx

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    1. I am absolutely loving their new shades, I loved the pastels in the spring and I cant complain at all about the formula! And finally a brush that performs exceptionally well :) xx


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