Sunday, 17 May 2015

Slendertox Tea - An Honest Review.

A while back, I attended the Bloggers Love Hub #BHTWITTERPARTY, where I joined hundreds, probably thousands of other fellow beauty and fashion bloggers to talk blogging, fashion and beauty.
It also gave us the opportunity to work with brands that Bloggers Love Hub had asked to participate, so we could request products from the brands to try out ourselves.

One of the companies were Slendertox Tea, who very kindly sent me a pack of their Day tea and a pack of their Night tea.

About Slendertox Tea.
Now, there have been a lot of new companies out there who produce detoxing teas for people to drink to help aid with slimming and cleansing the body.
Slendertox Tea have developed and organic tea or 'teatox' with no pharmaceutical products whatsoever. The ingredients that are inside their tea bags are 100% natural.
Slendertox Tea aim to give you the best, most natural detox which breaks down the fatty deposits that adhere to your intestines which then enables your metabolism to work much more efficiently.

 The Daytox ingredients are: Hawthorn Grain, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seed, Camellia Flower, Green Tea and Fennel Seeds.

The Sleeptox ingredients are pretty much the same apart from a few more added ingredients: Valerian Root, Large Hawthorn, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Green tea, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seeds, Fennel Seeds and Camellia Flower.

Slendertox advise you to start you detox on a day off from work and to start with the night tea. And to follow a detox meal plan to aid the detoxing. Also, they advise you to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Now, I'm a blogger who doesn't review things dishonestly because then I would be lying about the products I receive. So I'm writing this review 100% honestly, and there may be a little bit TMI coming up.

 My Experience.
I started on a day off from work, it was a Sunday and it was Mayday the next day so I had another day off work.
Around 9pm Sunday night I brewed up my first tea bag from the Sleeptox packet.
On the back of the packet you are advised to brew the tea for 3-5 minutes but no longer than 6 minutes in warm (not boiling) or cold water.
I brewed mine for 3 mins as I'm a bit finicky when it comes to new and different tastes.
First taste of the tea was very pleasant, it kind of tasted like the smell of cut grass (WEIRD I KNOW) 
So I sipped at the tea and finished it about half hour after brewing it and headed off to bed.

3am rolled around and I still hadn't got to sleep due to stomach cramps, nothing severe but nevertheless, uncomfortable.
5am came and I woke up with the all-of-a-sudden urge to go to the toilet, and it was not pretty. I spent at least 20 minutes on the toilet before feeling well enough to go back to bed and when I did I still had those stomach cramps and I felt a really bad headache coming on.

I did manage to get a few hours kip, but come 9am I was rushing for the loo again.

I finally pulled myself together and thought it would be best to eat something so I made myself 2 poached eggs on 2 rounds of wholemeal toast, without butter as suggested by the meal plan.
I brewed myself a cup of Daytox tea. this time for only 2 minutes, as I thought maybe I had brewed it too long for my taste the night before and I wouldn't be rushing to the toilet as much.
How wrong I was.
11am I was on the toilet again, then again at 12:30, almost on the hour up until 6pm that night. I had a bad headache, the cramps were getting worse and I felt sick as a dog, so I decided that if I feel like this, I wasn't about to carry on.
I didn't have another teatox at all that day and by Tuesday morning I was feeling a lot better.
I really don't think Slendertox Tea was for me at all.

Don't get me wrong, after all the running to the toilet was done, I definitely felt lighter and my stomach seemed a lot flatter too, which was nice to see, but I just couldn't put myself through another day of headaches, feeling sick and stomach cramps and I had to end my relationship with the toilet.

I decided that if I was going to try and lose some weight I would cut down on everything, eat more fruit and veg and just eat everything in moderation. 
And I am happy to say that since starting my new diet last Sunday I have successfully lost a whopping 10lbs already and I feel amazing for it.

  It was very kind of Slendertox to send me some of their teas but alas, it really didn't suit me.
And I really felt I should be honest with this review and let you all know my experience with Slendertox Tea.
You can buy Slendertox Tea range here where they offer a 14 and 28 day Teatox or a 3 months Teatox. They also make slimming patches, shakes and even coffee for those of you who don't like tea.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

*These products were sent to me for reviewing purpose, to read my disclaimer click on the 'disclaimer' link at the top of the page.

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