Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Month With Magnitone: Week One.

The last brand that gave me the chance to work with them when I joined the Bloggers Love Hub #BHTWITTERPARTY last month was Magnitone.

As mentioned in previous posts and skincare videos I already used the Rio SonicCleanse Face Brush to really give my skin a deep clean.

When I had the email back from Magnitone, telling me that I have been confirmed to try out the Magnitone Lucid I was over the moon, I even did a little dance.
This brush has been raved about for so long and I have always wanted one.
I chose the shade Sunshine Yellow and it didn't disappoint!

So, this week is week 1 of my month with Magnitone and each week for a month I will be filming a video so you can follow my Magnitone journey!

I cannot thank Magnitone enough for sending me this little beauty, it is really helping to keep my skin clear and soft.
You can buy a Magnitone Lucid from their website here.

If you want to buy one you can now save 20% by clicking this link: and entering the code Brogan20

See you next week for week 2! 

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