Monday, 2 March 2015

Luxsit Organic Care Hydrating Serum Review.

Last Friday I was very lucky enough to receive a surprise package in the post from Luxsit.
I had requested a sample of this about a week before from the Bloggers Lve Hub website, who give beauty bloggers the chance to contact brands and request a sample of their products to review.

So I excitedly opened the package up to discover a FULL SIZED bottle of their Hydrating Serum with raspberry seed oil. 
I had to pinch myself a couple of times to be sure I was seeing what I was holding.
I felt so lucky I was straight onto their Twitter page to thank them for sending me such a wonderful product.

First thing I do with anything I receive, I sniff it. I have to.
I took the top off the bottle and inhaled, the smell was heavenly. You can really smell out the raspberry seed oil and the argan oil in it.

Before I review this product, let me tell you a bit about Luxsit:

The idea of starting the Luxsit Organic Skincare brand came to light when one of its founders, Jenny Kärner, travelled around the world experiencing all the beauty that surrounds us – Nature in itself is complete and needs no modification.
The beauty and complexity of nature is mirrored in the cells of our bodies. Elements such as collagen, elastin and cell formation are things that we take for granted, but are constantly active processes in the skin. The most nutrient dense cell boosting phyto-botanical extracts are found where the climate has harsh seasons, extreme cold, wet spring with very ”strong” sun, dry and hot summers and windy autumn. As a result, Luxsit combines the science found in nature with a unique phyto-botanical technology in all of their skincare and hair care products.
With cutting edge technology Luxsit Organic Skincare deliver effective products that harmonize the skin and brings out your natural beauty. Luxsit’s products consist of Nordic plant extracts and pure Swedish water, in a combination with the finest organic and natural raw materials.

The bottle comes with a pipette attached to the lid, so you can pick up the right amount of product to use on your face.

                       The benefits: - Boost the elasticity of the skin
                                      - Bind moisture to the skin 
                                       - Counteract signs of aging 

Key Ingredients: - Almond oil
                        - Argan oil
                            - Avocado oil
                                       - Raspberry Seed oil
                                 - Wheat germ oil
                                          - Evening primrose oil
                        - Jojoba oil
                                                    -Vitamin E and essential oils

How the serum works: This Hydrating serum is full of nourishing oils and extracts that prevents skin from drying out and gives it a healthy glow.
Raspberry seed oil contains a high percentage of fatty acids which binds moisture to the skin and counteracts the formation of fine lines.
Wheat germ oil, rich in Vitamin E, helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. It also contains cold pressed organic oils from almonds, avocado and argan as well as carrot root extracts rich in Vitamin A.

Application: I applied about 4 drops of this to my hand and rubbed my hands together to warm the product up and then massaged it into my skin until the product had sunk in. Very pleasant experience, the smell was wonderful and the serum really did sink in quite fast.

The Verdict: I have used this for over a week now and I am overjoyed with the results. Yes, I suffer with an oily T-Zone, but I have started to get dry skin in places where I don't want it. And after using this serum I noticed that my T-Zone hasn't been as oily.
I'm heading towards my 30s now and recently have developed lines around the sides of my mouth when I smile as well as laughter lines around my eyes, I can safely say that these lines are fading thanks to this wonderful serum, not dramatically but enough that I have noticed and my face has this amazing glow to it after I have used it. I use this serum underneath my Re-Gen cream on a morning and then use the serum on its own as a night treatment. 

I will be featuring this serum in my Morning Skincare Routine video that will be posted up in a while.

You can buy Luxsit serums, skincare and haircare on their website here.
Luxsit Hydrating serum is £58.00.

A huge thank you to Luxsit for kindly gifting me this serum.

This product was gifted to me by Luxsit. All opinions and photos are my own.
This is not a sponsored post.

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