Friday, 13 February 2015

Maybelline ColorDrama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils.

I'm a little late in discovering these, but I spotted them in Boots the other week and fell in love.
I snapped up three shades and in typical 'Brogan' fashion I picked up the three berry-like shades.

I did a little research before buying these and read that most beauty bloggers considered them dupes for the NARS Satin & Matte lip pencils, and as much as I want to cough up £19 for one of those, my budget just won't let me.

So I was extremely happy that these pencils were pleasing to other bloggers and I popped these three into my basket, feeling triumphant that I had saved myself near on £60.

The shades I chose were: 520 Light It Up, 510 Red Essential and 310 Berry Much.
As you all probably know by now I love my reds and berry shades in lipsticks, they're so vampy and give me quite a lot of confidence. Don't get me wrong, I love a good nude but nothing beats a sexy red lip.

 From the photos you can see that these pencils are short and chubby, They're wooden and can be re-sharpened when the nib gets a little too flat to use.
I love how the ends are colour coded so they are easily detectable if I lose them in my ever growing make up drawers.

 Light It Up is a really lovely orange-toned red that will be perfect in the summer for that pop of colour on the lips. Some say this is a dupe for NARS Dragon Girl
Red Essential is your classic blue-toned red which has been compared to NARS Cruella It's just so vampy!
Berry Much is so gorgeous. A dark berry shade which although is suitable for the autumn/winter months, I will be getting the most use out of this one. One of my favourite ever makeup looks is a dark berry lip with tons of mascara. This is said to be a similar dupe for NARS Palais Royal.

Upon applying these lip pencils I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy they were. For some reason I had it in my head that these were going to be stiff and drag across the lips but I could not have been more wrong.
I am over the moon with the formula and pigmentation of these lip pencils and I got around 9-10 hours of wear out of Red Essential the other day before having to top up, and the best part is that the product only fades on the lips instead of leaving you with a coloured ring around the lips, which can be most annoying and unattractive.

There are 7 other shades that I do really want to try out such as Fab Orange and Nude Perfection which other bloggers have mentioned give you those ever-so famous Kylie Jenner lips.

These pencils retail at £4.99 each at Boots and are an absolute steal. If you get yourself down to Boots you can save yourself even more money as there is a 'Buy 1 get 2nd Half Price' offer on at the moment. I know I will be taking advantage!

Have you tried these Maybelline ColorDrama Lip Pencils yet?
Would you agree that they are NARS dupes?

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