Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Pop Of Colour For A Dull Day.

Hasn't the weather been absolutely terrible today?
I'm sat in my flat looking out at a miserable, wet day. 

Where's the summer gone?

Anyway, in previous posts I have mentioned how much I love painting my nails and I love bright colours.
So, today my 'nail painting day' commenced and I did my usual routine of filing down, cut my cuticles, massaged some coconut oil into my cuticles, buffed and shined my nail, put a base coat on and sat back for them to dry.
I have a huge bag full of nail polishes and sometimes its really difficult to chose what colour I want, so after a good rummage I pulled out a polish from Avon's Speed Dry collection in shade Turquoise Pop:

 I thought seen as its a miserable day, I would brighten my nails up with a lovely pastel summer colour.

 I love the packaging of these polishes.
An oblong type bottle with an oblong black lid.

The brush is lovely and wide, which means one sweep with cover the nail and I used two coats today.
The name Speed Dry certainly loves up to its name, my nails dried within minutes and I was able to handle other things without doing the whole 'I can touch anything with my fingers' and shaking my hands to dry the polish.

Overall, I am a really big fan of Speed Dry nail polishes and Turquoise Pop really cheered me up and look forward to some (hopefully) sunny summer days to come!

This nail polish cost £3 and unfortunately this product is no longer available to buy in Avon books or online. But you can view and buy from Avon's Nail Polish Range here. 


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    1. It's such a lovely summery colour isn't it? I'm in love with pastel shades at the moment :)


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